Holy Bible is the most read, most published and most translated book in the world. Jesus Christ, the Saviour’s Passion is one of the most famous themes in literary history. The Katona József Theatre has undertaken to present the well-known story in an extraordinary but still traditonal way as an outdoor event.

According to our story 126 members of the Pauline Order – the only Hungarian founded order – accompanied Columbus to one of his explorations. Spanish Queen, Isabella asked the priests to encoourage the shipmen and to propagate the faith in the distant continent, the New World. Using the artistic freedom Hungarian Paulists were determinative players of the American history and propagators of the European culture as well. The speciality of our performance is the perspective: Paulists tell us the local events and the first steps of thier missionary work.

In the Arboretum of Kecskemét Passion comes alive thanks to the monks who have arrived into the New World. Paters would like to initiate natives of The Main Secret by telling the story about the death and resurection of God’s Son, the mistery of eternal life, and the mutual pain. They do that by the oldest tool of the humanity which is the theater. At first the „heathen savages” are afraid and suspect then they involved the game with increasing curiosity and enthusiasm. They are celebrating and mourning, protecting and judging Jesus, finally they accompany him on his last journey.

The script based on the Gospel. The frame of the play – authored by Mihály Kocsis L. – contains less known literaly materials to innovate the well-known story. For example he uses the original Paulist passion script of Bálint Hadnagy from 1511. It has about one hundred minutes background music, songs, and a natural, outdoor scene. The director and the creators would like to present a modern, Hungarian play by the novelty and the unity of the scene, music and choreography as well. The New World Passion staged by Kecskemét could become internationalized and stay typically Hungarian at the same time. By watching a story about Hungarian priests we can learn Jesus Christ’s most important message which is the Love.

The coreographer was László Lukács, the leader of Kecskemét Folkdance Group. Beside the dancers and the actors there are some citizen of Kecskemét too. In the main roles: Adam Porogi, Ákos Kőszegi, Melinda Hajdú, Zoltán Hegedűs, Zsolt Körtvélyessy, Zsolt Zayzon.

Composer: Szabolcs Kövi

Director: Peter Cseke